Local, Organically Grown Food

Our families eat the same produce we deliver to your families.

Located in golden valley × Minnesota


Affordable.  Fresh.  Organic.  

We have a myriad of choices of what to feed our families.  We constantly hear (and know) that we need to find ways to get healthy food into our bodies.  Why should you choose to spend your hard earned money on food from Grass Lake Farm?



  • Organic 
  • No Chemicals
  • No GMO's
  • More Nutrients
  • Tastes Better
  • Fresh as fresh can be
    • Vegetables picked that day
    • Farm to table


  • Choose your size
  • Delivered to your door
  • 2 bags of fruit & veggies in your fridge every single week


  • Local - fewer shipping miles equals less carbon emissions 
  • Farmed in harmony with nature
  • Better soil health
    • Crop rotation
    • Chemical abstinance 
  • Targeted water use
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  • Farm to table cuts levels of the supply chain
  • Resourceful with our tools and supplies (reduce, recycle, reuse) 
  • Reduce dependence on labor (up to 50% of costs)