Grass Lake near North Branch, MN

Grass Lake near North Branch, MN


The Farm

Grass Lake is in North Branch, MN which is 45 miles from Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN.  Near Grass Lake's shores is a 5 acre plot of ideal soil for growing fruits and vegetables.  On that plot we have built a permaculture farm designed to produce an abundance of food without squandering the resources provided by the land.

Permaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature; of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless labour; and of looking at plants and animals in all their functions, rather than treating any area as a single product system.
— Bill Mollison "Father of Permaculture"

The Mission

We are dedicated to growing the highest quality fruits and vegetables using ONLY sustainable, organic methods.  No pesticides, no GMO's.  We are also dedicated to getting that produce into the hands of the Twin Cities' community at an affordable price in a short amount of time after harvest.