Drop Site Host Details


We are willing to add new drop sites to make pick ups more convenient for our members. So if you are willing to host a drop site, the details are below.


  • If you agree to be a drop site, you will have your produce delivered to your door for no extra cost.
  • Get your produce in the crisper ASAP.
  • More communication with your farmer (always a plus right?).


  • You will NOT need to be home all day and we don't expect you to give the farmer or members access to your house.  But the farmer needs to be able to drop off the boxes and the members need to be able to pick them up.  So a designated spot in your yard (preferably covered) or garage area will need to remain unlocked.
  • There is NO time commitment on your part.  The farmer will drop off 6-12 boxes in the designated spot in the early afternoon.  You do NOT need to be home to greet him.  Members should have picked up their boxes by the time you go to bed that night.
  • You will not be prevented from going out of town.  The whole process can run for a week or two without your presence.
  • The farmer will drop off a list every week of the members who will pick up boxes.  Members will cross themselves off when they pick up.  You will need to communicate with the farmer if there is anyone who hasn't picked up their box.
  • The produce boxes are reusable and don't need to be thrown away.  So members will drop off their empty boxes each week as they pick up a new one.  You will need to store the reusable boxes until the farmer can pick them up the following week.  You will NOT be responsible for collecting boxes from members of your drop site.


  • Must be a paying CSA member.
  • Must have a covered area (in case of bad weather) that all (farmers and members) can access.
  • The drop location for the boxes must be unlocked for all (farmers and members) to access.

other Details

  • The farmer will choose the day and time for dropping off the boxes.
  • We will only share your address with those that will be picking up at your house.
  • We will show your APPROXIMATE location (within a few blocks) on the website to give prospective customers an idea of where they can pick up their boxes.


drop site host Form

If you are interested in hosting a drop site, please fill out the form below.

Name *
Specific details you may wish to share or questions you may have.
We will only disclose your address to paying members who will pick up at your house.